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Mars Moving understands there might be a situation when You need to store Your possessions for some time.

For example:
* Making Your old residence appear more tidy to a possible buyer is important. Moving storage can be used to store these extra items when You’re trying to sell Your home.
* If You purchase furniture or appliances in advance for Your new residence, You may not want to implement them until You move.
* When You are between residencies, there might be times when You will be downgrading in size. All of Your old possessions may not fit in your new space, which is when our moving storage can be of aid.
Or any other cause for a need to store things for some time. We can take care of all these items until You’re ready for them. Whether it’s only a few days, weeks, or much longer Mars Moving can offer You a storage solution that will fit your needs.

You can truly rely on us, because we offer a wide range storage service.

In storaging it’s all about conditions and safety. Our warehouses are clean, modern and climate controlled facilities which are specifically designed for maximum safety.
Your belongings will be isolated in a secure, pest-controlled moving storage vault within a warehouse protected by monitored alarms and closed-circuitvideo cameras. It’s possible to store a temperature sensitive objects as well.
Each piece of Your shipment will be carefully wrapped in protective moving blankets, inventoried till details and insured by us in case some damage can occur during the move between Your residence and the warehouse.
And if You have stored stuff in our oversight it doesn’t mean You can’t access them. Our storage facilities are totally convenient for your access.
Also if You don’t need any access to your stuff You can be sure You won’t be involved in no further activities. We’ll take care of the whole process – we guarantee You a seamless pick up, storage and delivery of your items. You call and we load Your belongings up on the truck and bring them back to you. You’ll never have to come to storage place or need to get a lock. We’ll take care of everything for You.
We’re also very friendly for long distance movings. We work through whole country. So if there’s a need for Your items to be stored in Your destination city we’ll be happy to arrange that for You.

For the most impatient and curious ones of You we provide a real time web stream with night-vision from the inside of Your “box”. About this one we’re joking. Or maybe we’re not. As over we see the future as we claim. But one thing for sure – at Mars Moving we know that plants grow better if You talk to them. It’s gonna be our pleasure to do that during your storage. Feel cozy with us!

Storage service in Mississauga

Storage service in Mississauga

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