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Packing service in Canada, Toronto city by Mars moving service

Safety first.

When it comes to packing professionalism there is no place for compromises and superficiality. We accept no packing material economy because for us the perfection of transportation is the main goal.
As we say – we know what the attitude “handle with care” really means. The same as You we are sick of the common negligence among the average moving workforce. We’re aware that the battered angles of furniture and scratched walls are the things that irritate so much and kills the joy of being moved into a new place.
Also we know it by personal experience how depressing it can be after the moving to live in a midst of piles of boxes. Because of random and rush packing it can even take a lot of will to pull Yourself together to pack it all out and organise all your stuff back in the order it was before.
That’s why at Mars Moving all Your belongings will be labeled in certain categories to help you orientate in all the chaos. With our “star map” it will be an easy game to live back in harmony in no time.

There’s something magical about the carton boxes, bubble wraps and other packing materials. It’s like a gift preparing. That’s why we feel like Santa’s little helpers in Christmas time all year around. And we are happy to compose a presents for You which gonna welcome You in Your new home.

Mars Moving has a whole galaxy of box kinds and material covers you could possibly imagine. In our hands Your stuff comes organised and in mint condition. We pack so delicately we’re pity it doesn’t make things restore. Considering that all the final cargo composition will look like a masterpiece of contemporary art. And we say it with total cultural respect. It’s gonna be even worth a viral unboxing video for your social media.
But also we don’t mind if your pack by Yourself. We just want You to be happy and relieved. If You have decided to collect Your things in Your style, we will definately support You. We can provide all the packing supplies You need and also give You some packing tips. Besides that we can as well pack only some certain things You specifically want – a guitar, a statue or a TV. We’ll find a solution for every custom packing situation.

So let the journey begin. Drop us a call. Let’s choose the most suitable time for You. We’ll come to Your place, check out all the stuff and propose the best packing solution for You. We also understand that sometimes Your move could be very urgent – don’t worry we can pack also in extra speed.
We realize the value of Your possessions and we take every precaution to ensure they arrive at Your destination intact – whether you’re moving just to next block or across the country.

The joy of unpacking guaranteed.

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