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Project Description


Newmarket movers and Newmarket moving company in Canada

Newmarket movers providing house, apartment, office, townhouse, condo, pool, piano moving service.
Newmarket moving company will take care about packing service and storage. We can provide full service for our costumers to make your moving day safe.
Our experienced movers knows “handle with care” really means.
Basically what we do at Newmarket Moving company is – we practice teleportation, because Your stuff is transfered to Your new place exactly in the same condition as it was at Your previous one.
And it happens with maximum light speed humans so far are capable of. We have the best packing service and spatial orientation skills.
It’s our daily routine to move stuff without damaging it.

Newmarket moving company main goal is happy costumers in end of the moving day.

Our company focuses on efficiency. We want your move to be smooth and also in budget.
We care you use exact of our services you really need. So don’t be confused by many preparing questions from us, because that’s the way to minimise your moving coasts and do it all without any bad surprises.

Newmarket Moving company is the most experienced and respected Movers in Newmarket Area, Ontario-wide movers, and we are known for unsurpassed customer service and our impeccable attention to details.
Newmarket movers are specializing in Local Moving, Long Distance Moving & Commercial Moving, moving services in Newmarket.
We operate 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. This gives you the flexibility to move when it is most convenient for you.
It is ideal to plan your move in advance, but we are equipped to accommodate unexpected, last minute moves just as easily.
Why choose Us because Newmarket Movers offers best moving service for the best price !
You can call us one of our Newmarket Moving Consultants 24hr’s a day, 7 days a week at +1 647-225-6144

At Mars Moving we put the costumer first.

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