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Moving service and movers in Canada by Mars moving company


Moving is the essence of our job. It is our professional pleasure to perform a perfect, well planned process. To provide an outstanding service in relocating your valuable possessions.

We take moving as quite romantic act. Even an intimate at some point. We understand how important is to be on a same mood frequency with client. That moving is not like coal mining and it’s the worth thing to spoil someone’s joy of going to place.

Moving always is the best can happen to you at that moment. It totally doesn’t have to be stressful, tight scheduled, hard working etc. Instead of that celebrate it!
Considering our experience we wouldn’t wish you to try your luck on some random seasonal workers who even doesn’t show up. Or to rely on your friends, who could freely set up you in the last moment with some silly excuses.Leave all that mess to us. We orientate in that like a fish in a water.

We can provide you a full moving service – starting from packing till storaging or simply cargo delivering. We do local and long distance moving. Residential or commercial moving. Moving at it’s best. Let the skies be our limit.

We know there are no two movings the same. So we take it to personal level and adjust it to your unique needs.
We have acquired moving from A to Z so we’ll be happy to suggest you the best approach to your case.
Mars Moving has a whole galaxy of box kinds and material covers you could possibly imagine. In our hands your stuff comes organized and in mint condition. We pack so delicately we’re pity it doesn’t make things restore. You can also pack by doing it yourself – we support you on what’s best for you.

Our company focuses on efficiency. We want your move to be smooth and also in budget.
We care you use exact of our services you really need. So don’t be confused by many preparing questions from us, because that’s the way to minimise your moving coasts and do it all without any bad surprises.

Despite that we are men constantly in motion we have gained a constant stability. It’s actually true to say we’re kinda idealists. And also a labor aesthetes. We would like to prove you that quality, style and friendly attitude in moving scene doesn’t have to be expensive.
Even if moving is an ordinary thing for you, it’s still a refreshing of your everyday. That means it’s a little star which will make a whole constellation. We’re sincerely glad to be a part of people’s dream come true. To help to start your next nearest future.

We’ll carry your possession as if they were our own.

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