Can a Professional Mover Help You Manage A Move to a New City on Short Notice

As a general rule, you have to hire the services of a professional mover when you are pressed for time to make a move to your new city. There may be instances where you find yourself in a situation where you are forced to relocate to another city or province on short notice as a result of a promotion or a job offer. You may also find yourself making the move earlier than you should to have your kids start the next school term in their new school.

Of course, the most logical option would to link up with the most reliable professional mover hoping that you can be accommodated on such a short notice. Whatever, your reasons for moving, you have no choice but to make the move the moment your house is sold.

However, the situation becomes more challenging if your house is still on the selling block or, worse, is not yet listed. Selling it after you have left for your new city or even in a new home in the same city can create some difficulties to you and your family. This will definitely have to be discussed in thorough with your professional mover before your scheduled move to your new home.

If the move is triggered by a new job position in a new city, then the spouse who is going to assume the position may have to go ahead to comply with the work commitment while the other one stays behind to handle the selling matters of your home.

While you are making final arrangements with your professional mover, it is essential for you to perform several parallel activities to get things organized and going within the limited time that you have.

Establish a Good System

Get everything organized. Discuss with your professional mover the most appropriate system of packing. Perhaps, you can follow a one-box-per-room type of packing or even devise a form of color coding or by-section packing system to organize the things that you have to pack and bring along to your new home. The packers of your moving company can help you out in choosing the best way to organize your things.

Involve Everyone

Relocating on short notice can be extremely taxing and stressful and you will need all the help that you can get. You must try your best to “gather the troops” and ensure that they participate and help in the preparations for the move to your new city. You may assign members of the household for each of the rooms for the whirlwind packing. This does not necessarily mean that they have to do the packing themselves as in most cases, the moving company usually perform the actual packing. You and your family can just organize the things that you need to bring and separate them from those that you can do without in your new home.

Can a Professional Mover Help You


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