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Toronto moving company

Our mission is to offer best moving service in Canada.

Moving service

Moving service by MarsMoving company

Mars Moving is a full service moving company located in Toronto.
Our goal is to provide You with the smoothest moving experience You could possibly imagine.

First of all the whole Mars Moving team knows what the attitude “handle with care” really means. The same as You we are sick of the common negligence among the average moving workforce. We know that the battered angles of furniture and scratched walls are the things that irritate so much and kills the joy of being moved into a new home.

Basically what we do at Mars Moving is – we practice teleportation, because Your stuff is transfered to Your new place exactly in the same condition as it was at Your previous one. And it happens with maximum light speed humans so far are capable of. We have the best packing service and spatial orientation skills. It’s our daily routine to move stuff without damaging it.
We also appreciate a good music. That’s why we carry piano with extra love. For us musical instrument is not just like a firewood – we have a special treatment for that. There have even been a rumours that we move piano so accurately there’s no need to tune it afterwards.

The team of Mars Moving are bunch of professionals and loading enthusiasts. Maybe that’s because when we were kids we loved to play with toy bricks so much. We’re there for You because we enjoy a well performed moving the same as chefs enjoy a perfect feast or a man in typography is pleased about a great prints.

We care about You because we have moved in and out a lot of times in our lives. And mostly we have managed it all by ourselves. We wanted to be in a control of everything, that’s why we collected the paper boxes, packed all of our stuff together, called all our friends to come to help us with carrying and so on.

Personal independence is a great thing, bet there’s really no need to be able of doing everything. At the end we have realised we have lost so much time and nerves that it’s not worth it. That’s why Mars Moving is there for You. We have been through this and we guarantee – You really don’t need to experience it on Your own. That’s the part of life You can totally skip and won’t lack anything. Let the experts cope with all these complications.

So, one more time – Mars Moving practices local and long distance moving, residential and commercial moving. We can also simply provide a cargo delivery. And if You’re in need for storage we can take care of that too. Anything that’s related to different kind of weights – that’s our thing. Maybe You can surprise us and ask something we haven’t done yet. We are always excited for new challenges.

We’ll be an uplifting team mates for Your special occasions. A rocket fuel You can rely to, not just an unpleasant component You’re forced to tolerate. We’ll turn the mess into a celebration!

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